Entry #1


2017-02-05 07:16:36 by JayCubes

Hey Guys, I´m Jahn from Germany.
I´m 19 years old and I upload stuff on NG just for fun. I started a few months ago with just one submission and I added several more during the last few days. And there will be more uploads in the future.

I really hope you enjoy my submissions :)

This post is made to shortly introduce myself and the plans for the near future. If you want further infos just send me a PM, or comment this post.

If you want to contact me outside NG you are invited to use the following E-Mail address:


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2017-02-05 11:55:44

Check out the art forum. There's a review request thread there if you need helpful criticism.

JayCubes responds:

Thanks for the tip :)